Meet the NHS Ocean

The NHS Ocean is a group of motivated individuals from healthcare, marine science, environmental/public health, commercial shipping and active living. We work in our own time to ensure ocean health is considered and where appropriate included within healthcare strategy.

We aim to conserve and protect coastal and marine ecosystems through minimising harm resulting from the procurement and delivery of healthcare whilst increasing awareness of the benefits to human health and wellbeing from healthy seas, coasts, and waterways.

We wish to promote the ethos of the Ocean and Us, recognising all interactions must take place with care to minimise harm whilst improving access to high quality blue spaces for all, reducing inequalities, and enhancing the health and wellbeing of our population.

We listen to increase our understanding of the complex interface between the delivery of healthcare, procurement, economics and the planet; aiming to educate both healthcare professionals and the public on the interdependence between human, planetary and oceanic health.

We are not affiliated with any healthcare provider or government organisation but simply work with those who share our vision, supporting the implementation of solutions through facilitating collaboration.

The NHS Ocean is not a charity or registered business; we do not handle money or receive donations but where appropriate, will signpost organisations who wish to invest in sustainability-related projects to legitimate schemes.

We believe the concept of “first, do no harm” should extend from patient to planet; and therefore, advocate to ensure oceanic and blue health is never forgotten by decision makers.


Richard Hixson

Consultant in Critical Care
NHS Clinical Entrepreneur - CPDmatch
Co-founder NHS Ocean

Georgie Sowman

General Practitioner NE England
PHE Physical Activity Champion NE
Co-founder NHS Ocean
RCGP Climate and Ecological Emergency Advisory Group
HENEE Faculty of Sustainability
NE Sustainability ICS


Kat Smith

Former NHS doctor
NHS Ocean team member

Ric Fordham

Health Economist and Academic Public Health specialist.
Dedicated amateur ecologist and former diver.
Wide interest in the environment, including all aspects of oceanography as well as earth sciences.